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Ineffective Airway Clearance Nursing Diagnosis Care Plan

The nursing diagnosis of Ineffective Airway Clearance is defined as the inability galerie lafayette boucles d’oreille to clear secretions or obstructions collier de perles et or from the respiratory tract to maintain a clear airway. Use boucles d’oreille chirurgicales this nursing diagnosis guide to formulate your Ineffective Airway Clearance care plan.

Breathing comes naturally and effortlessly boucles d’oreille fluo to everyone. boucles d’oreille verre But there thabora collier de perles 4 images 1 mot boucles d’oreille are some who are incapable of keeping their boucles d’oreille clip claire’s airways clear and their lungs healthy. Maintaining a patent airway has always boucles d’oreille xxl been vital to life. When a problem concerning the airway happens, coughing takes place, which is the main mechanism for clearing it. However, coughing may not collier de perles pour sapin always be easy to boucles d’oreille grappe everyone especially to those patients with incisions, boucles d’oreille pompon h&m trauma, respiratory muscle fatigue, or neuromuscular weakness. Mechanisms that collier de perles akuma exist in the lower bronchioles and alveoli to maintain the histoire dor collier de perles patency of the airway include the mucociliary system, macrophages, and the lymphatics. Also, anesthesia and dehydration can alter the function of transformer boucles d’oreille en clip the mucociliary system. Thus, increased production of secretions in ces boucles d’oreille conditions such as pneumonia and boucles d’oreille en plastique fou bronchitis can oppress these mechanisms. High risk for ineffective airway clearance are the aged individuals who have an increased incidenceof emphysema and a collier de perles en maternelle higher prevalence of chronic cough or sputum production.

There is a wide range of airway clearance interventions that nurses can choose from when they are teaching the patients and family boucles d’oreille dessous lobe members the strategies of secretion removal. In general, these interventions are done to maintain a patent airway, improve comfort and ease of breathing, improve pulmonary ventilation and oxygenation, and to prevent risks associated with oxygenation problems.

Here are some factors that may be related to Ineffective boucles d’oreille en perles de rocaille Airway Clearance:

Decreased energy and fatigue

Impaired respiratory muscle functionPresence of artificial airway

Related to excessive or thick secretions secondary to:Cardiac or boucles d’oreille jewelcandle pulmonary disease

Exposure to noxious chemical

Related to immobility, stasis of secretions, boucles d’oreille peul and ineffective cough secondary to:

Patient will maintain clear, open airways as evidence by normal breath sounds, nach boucles d’oreille normal boucles d’oreille verre de venise rate and depth of respirations, and ability to effectively cough up secretions after treatments and deep breaths…

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